The problem with Law of Attraction….

The problem with law of attraction…is that it is always working, especially when you bloody don’t want it to! 

know you ‘shouldn’t’ be thinking those thoughts; the type of repeating thoughts that keep you up at night; “I am such a loser… nothing ever works out for me…if only I have done this / that…”. A lot of people play these thoughts in loop unconsciously, while others know they need to change their thoughts to change their lives, but struggle to let go of these deep rooted beliefs. Either way, the result is the same; more and more experiences and events show up that further fortifies the belief.

So imagine you genuinely have a fear based belief that things are always going wrong for you and nothing works out for you, and your often get into situations that prove you right. You go for a job interview, which you are more than qualified for, but you don’t get it. At home, there is a simple leaking pipe but so many things go wrong, it ends up costing double the amount. In these situations, one of the phases you always use is ‘just my luck!’. What is happening at these points in time?

Your main belief is that something always goes wrong and their for you set your expectations at that level. Your asking the Universe that I expect things to go wrong; so Universe answers because Law of Attraction never makes an exception! Your dominant thought is that things are expected to go wrong and ‘voila’!, here you go, you have asked and it has been given.

Damn that Law Of Attraction!

Story 1: Hatred for Paypal

Ever since i started using Paypal, the online payment services, I had a mistrust for it; I always feel like they ask for too much information and they are difficult to use, and the various Paypal titled SPAM / phishing emails don’t help with my beliefs either. So I had not used Paypal for many many years and I have ignored any emails they had sent in regards to re-verifying my details.

Recently, i had to make an online purchase and my only option was Paypal. My expectation of Paypal being difficult was so strong, that my online transactions did not work, after several tries. So left the transaction and next day I received an email from Paypal, stating that to ensure that my Paypal service is working, I need to re-verify my details. So I logged in with my password and started typing in my details, including details like date of birth, place of birth etc. Something clicked to me and something didn’t feel quite right, so before submitting, I went back to the email and that it went it dawned on me that the email address was not a real Paypal email address! This was a Phishing email and I fell for it hook, line and sinker!

For someone who has been trained to spot make emails, as I also work in Financial Services and to fall for a basic scam was not an accident. I strong expectations were being met by LOA. I was given what i have been asking for! Paypal to be difficult, grab all my details as expected.

Thankfully i was able to delete all my details and close browser before submitting! Then shortly, I closed my Paypal account and let Paypal go lovingly!

NB: Stories that I share are from variety of sources including my own as well as others. I would love to hear from you on any stories that you want to share in regards to Law of Attraction! Happy Vibrations!