Time Flies… when you are creating your Reality…


There was a time, when someone says they have been on a journey, it really means that they have travelled to a different country, but nowadays, being on journey is being more and more associated with an inwards reflecting personal meta-physical journey.

The reason I am reflecting on journeys, is that I too sense an inward journey in the past few years since i started on the journey of understanding Law of Attraction (LOA). I no longer gloss over LOA as some dirty secret, hiding my beliefs from judgement of others who might think I have gone a bit ‘new age-y’ and a whole lot of ‘hippie’! Instead, I casually drop it into conversations that I am wholly and fully responsible for my life and that I create my reality with my thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

Does my husband glances at me like I have lost the plot?! Do my friends look at me sympathetically thinking I don’t quite live in the real world?! Yes, but that’s besides the point! I am lot more comfortable with sharing my journey because so many manifestations, both wanted and unwanted, have come my way that current existing mainstream thinking (we are at the mercy of our environment) cannot explain alone and I can no longer ignore the coincidences. There is something greater, more profound at work here and we have the power to shape it whether we choose to believe it or not.

So I have decided to re-open this blog to share my stories as well as others, and hope to share the journey will you all!

A Work-a-holic’s Story : Financial Freedom – Manifesting at its best.

In terms of wealth & money, I have always affirmed that I live a comfortable life, but in recent months work contrasts have shown up, which has led to feel like I need more financial freedom. So few days back, I spent time on myself, my thoughts and tried to get clarity on what i really wanted. So did some journalling work, including writing down desiring more money (other than through my job!) and financial freedom.

And today, as I  have doing some admin work at home, I came across quite a few letters that i have been ignoring for the best part of few years ( the ones that sit in the non-urgent pile!). One of the letters was about share-dealing account I used to have that I don’t really use any more and so it felt like the right time to ring them up and close it up. Thought the phone call, it transpired that not only it was domant (and empty!) as I thought, but actually had around £8,000 in shares and further £2,000 in dividends! I had no recollection of these shares as they were from an old company I used to work for, who paid their bonus as shares one of the years (worth few hundred pounds at the most!). The amount has grown over the last 10 years or so to a significant amount, enough to help me towards the business venture / financial freedom that I was seeking!

Thank you Universe! 🙏🏽

grey metal case of hundred dollar bills
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Practical Mind Tools: Vision Board

So what is a vision board, I hear you ask. Well, perhaps not those of you who are well versed in the law of attraction and the techniques that goes with it. Perhaps there are some of you guys out there who are experts at this and I would love to hear from you on how you create your vision boards.

For the novices, vision board is simply a board where you capture your visions for your future, aspirations and desires all in one place.  This is perhaps one of the most basic and effective way of putting law of attraction into practice. After all, we are all visual creatures and what we see is more likely to affect us than having just abstract pictures in our head.

Creating a vision board is really easy:

  1. Find a suitable board, whatever size you require. I always find the blank art canvases are great for my vision board purposes, but you can use anything from cardboard to plywood.
  2. Find suitable images to fill your board with. You can use magazine clippings, writings, quotes, print outs from the internet, whatever works for you and whatever that captures your vision. It doesn’t have to be an exact match of your vision, it can be abstract or represent you vision indirectly, but as long as you can relate to it, that is the main thing. I tend to use words and pictures in my vision boards and I often like quotes that resonate with me.
  3. Then use the visions to fill the board up and stick them on securely.
  4. Main thing is put the vision board somewhere where you will look at it regularly, perhaps on your bedroom wall.

The more you look at your vision board, the more your brain gets reminded of what you want. The more you are reminded, the more you think about it. But like any law of attraction tool, you need to frame your thoughts and feelings positively. You may subconsciously create resistance by looking at it and thinking ‘oh I am never going to achieve that!’ Instead, every time you see your vision, imagine you have achieved it and how would it feel like? Bring that feeling into the present and close your eyes and feel it for few minutes.

Nowadays there is a wealth of online tools available to create vision boards; there are even apps for vision boards. So you can go crazy and go overboard with the whole thing! So my suggestion is focus on one board at a time. If your vision changes, then change the board or change the images, after all our visions are rather fluid and that is a good thing as that how we move forward and evolve.

Practical Mind Tools: Create Box

I am a great believer in writing down your goals, whether they are career related or personal goals. By putting it in writing or representing it in other visual formats will help to clarify what you want in life and ultimately help you to achieve your goals. One of the tools I have used in recent years is a goal ‘Create Box’; a box which contains all my goals and visions for the future. I also have a gratitude stone in my box as part of my goal attainment and training my mind to practice gratitude.

So what is a create box? It’s a technique that I picked up from Susie Pearl’s ‘Instructions for Happiness and success’ book and it is a very simple idea; a bit like having a vision board in a box! Get a nice looking box (a gift box, small storage box etc.) and put your goals, wishes and visions in it so that you have everything you want in a box. Idea is that you regularly pick up the box and go through the contents on a weekly, monthly, whenever-you feel-like-it basis and remind yourself of the goals therefore keeping your thoughts focused on them. The point here is that when you do go through the items, visualise and feel as though you have already attained these goals so that in a ‘thought becomes things’ universe you will attract them into your life. Health warning here is that don’t think about NOT having the goal yet, as this would lead to the opposite effect of NOT attaining the goal!

Susie also suggests writing a label on the top that you read out every time before you open it and after you close it so that you asking the universe what you want. i.e.

 “Whatever is contained in this box I have already created in my mind and welcome into my life now. Everything in this box is already present. I receive all of this with abundance and flow. All for the best. Thank you. It’s done. Show me.”

My simpler version of the label as follows:

“Whatever is contained in this box I have already created in my mind and I welcome it into my life. Thank you and I am grateful for everything I have in my life”.

I am very much of visual person and truly believe pictures can speak a thousand words so my box contains a lot of magazine clippings, pictures, printouts of things that I really want in my life. For example, I have pictures of my ideal house, holidays, lifestyle and even my ideal job. It doesn’t have to exactly what you want, but a representation of what you want and something that resonates with you. For me, I always wanted to have an influential role in an animal charity or an animal related organisation, so I have a picture of Michaela Strachan (UK TV presenter who does a lot of animal shows) from a magazine article with the title “Women of Influence” above it. For me this is the perfect vision when it comes to my career goals, working with animals and having an influential role!

Along with this, I do have written goals and even memorabilia to remember good times like spending time with my husband, in form of souvenirs from a holiday or a photo of us having a good time, so that I am reminded of the good times we had and the good times we will have going forward. My gratitude stone (a stone I picked up on a beach in Maldives) is a stone which every time I pick up, I think of all the things I am grateful for in my life from my job to the people in my life and special events in my life (including my holiday to Maldives!).

You don’t have to be an avid believer in law of attraction to try this out; actually some of the tools and techniques I have come across as part of the law of attraction movement has been somewhat simple, practical and nothing new, and has been part of self-improvement techniques in one form or another.