The Experiment That Shows You Can Cultivate Kindness – By Holly Ashby

Kindness Blog

Random acts of kindness tend to take us by surprise.

For some reason, it’s easy to take the indifference of others as a given, a feeling that’s exacerbated if you’ve ever spent time living in the strangely isolating environment of a big city.

It seems that people who do kind things are the exception, a special sort of breed of human that’s just much nicer than the rest of us.

But should this be the case? Every person you pass on the street has the potential to do lovely things that brighten your day, as you have the potential to do so for others, and it turns out that this kind of kindness can be cultivated.

A study by Northeastern and Harvard University found that 8 weeks of group meditation had an astonishing effect on the behaviour of the people involved.

The study took around three dozen people and had…

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