Interesting thoughts on using your imagination to manifest your dreams.


The Art of Daydreaming
by Darryl Dapper

VisualizationfishVisualization is one of the most powerful tools at a magician’s disposal. An imaginative mind colours a grey world and throws dirt in its face to rid it of its suffocating sterility. The right idea creatively executed has the potential to alter the whole course of history for us all. That spark, with the potential to ignite a universal change, sits active in the core of every human brain. We all have the power to change the world and to affect the flow of our own destinies.

Truly great and amazing things happen when the intentions of a mindful brain are collected and creatively focused. When ambition that’s fuelled by the power of belief and distilled by discipline is cast out in a passionate fervour, the universe takes notice and responds accordingly. By surely recognising what you need and then developing the force…

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